Is Pho Tau Bay Open?
Let everyone know!

Is Pho Tau Bay Closed?
Let everyone know!

This site is in no way affiliated with Pho Tau Bay in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It is here to provide its fans and patrons an easy way to know if the business is open, closed for the night, or if they're "on vacation." Tweet with the hashtag #istaubayopen (or use the buttons above) to let everyone know if The Bay is open or closed. :)

This site is not directly related to the old site that is no longer in service, but rather is inspired to build upon the idea and improve the experience. If you visit Pho Tau Bay, please help everyone out and post a tweet that it's open or closed. Unfortunately, is not *available for purchase* (asking price is over $1,000 and I'm more than happy to continue using a .ca domain).